The most frequently asked questions about nativity scenes and nativity figures – Part 1

The fascination of Christmas nativity scenes has many facets and in our years of work, questions have often arisen about the nativity scenes, to which we would now like to give our answers in this series of articles.

Most of our wood-carved nativity figures are now made without a base. This creates an even more beautiful and harmonious overall picture, but the figures are not quite as stable as with a base. It is advisable to place the nativity figures on the flattest surfaces of the nativity scene, such as the wooden base, stairs or interior spaces. Our Nativity stables They all have a solid base plate and various options for where the figures stand safely. Some of our customers also glue the figures onto the nativity scene; this is also possible; the nativity figures are brought into a fixed position.

What goes into a nativity scene?

Both our traditional and modern nativity figures have a large selection of different biblical figures, around the Holy Family, ox and donkey and the shepherds, but there were no limits to the creativity of the Val Gardena sculptors and so many other motifs were created, be they shepherd children , oriental or even alpine animals. You can find our various nativity scenes and nativity figures on our website Christmas market stalls in Vienna, but of course also in our online shop.

Our nativity scenes are collection nativity scenes and many customers start their collection after selecting the nativity scene, with the Holy Family and possibly oxen and donkeys and one or two shepherds, and then expand with additional nativity figures year after year. In order to create a lively overall ensemble, it is advisable to add various sheep and goats in addition to the human figures. These are available to suit all sizes of nativity figures and can be vividly integrated into the nativity scene in a wide range of positions.

How do the characters stand in the nativity scene?

Each nativity figure is made in a specific position. Mary and Joseph bend over to the baby Jesus, the "looking shepherd" looks at the manger, the lying shepherd sees the angel. Many nativity figures have a specific position that is clearly defined in the nativity scene, such as the Gloria angel, which can be attached above the nativity scene via a small eyelet using a small nail. However, many nativity figures can be arranged very individually and, thanks to the variety of different postures and attributes, create a lively but harmonious overall picture. You can find many more ideas about this in our block article on nativity scenes:

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