A new Christ for the St. Michaelis Chapel in Weinsheim

A historical wood-carved ensemble

In the baroque St. Michael's Chapel in Weinsheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, a baroque, wood-carved sacred ensemble once adorned the magnificent altar. In addition to a Madonna on the left of the altar and a baroque crucifix (replaced by a new baroque-style crucifix in the 1980s) and a Saint Michael, the chapel's namesake and patron saint, there was another sculpture from the baroque period on the right side.

A new wooden carved Christ in the Baroque style

However, in the course of the 1960s, this carving was lost and so we were contacted by the owner family to create a new, worthy pedant to the Baroque Madonna. After extensive planning, we decided on a Christ in the baroque style, which should be based on the historical baroque Madonna in terms of both the style of the carving and the posture. The almost 80 cm tall Christ was antiqued in similar colors to the Madonna.

In the future, the ensemble of figures will tell a story, entirely in the tradition of historical altars and groups of figures. The sequence of figures is intended to show the viewer important stages in the life of Jesus:

The Madonna with the baby Jesus in her arms represents the birth of Jesus, the cross with the body, to the right or in the middle, represents the death of Jesus, the new figure of Christ, on the far right, represents the resurrection.

Below the cross is the figure of St. Michael, fighting evil (Rev 12, 7-12)

We are very pleased that the historical ensemble in the Weinsheim chapel is now complete again and our sculptors are already looking forward to the next artistic challenge.

On August 24, 2023, a service took place in the chapel, during which the new Christ figure was blessed by Pastor Carsten Peil (pastor of the Sponheimer Land Catholic parish).

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