December 13th: The fascinating story of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia, also known as Santa Lucia, is a figure of deep spiritual significance, revered in various cultures and religions. Her feast day, December 13th, is celebrated in many countries with special celebrations and traditions. In this blog article, let us explore the fascinating story of Saint Lucia and the diverse customs associated with her name.


The historical figure of Saint Lucia comes from Syracuse, Sicily, and lived in the 4th century. Lucia, meaning "the shining one," was a young Christian woman of extraordinary beauty. Tradition tells that she dedicated her life to serving the poor and needy. Lucia was also said to have lost her sight, and her prayer to God resulted in the restoration of her sight - a miracle that made her a particularly revered saint.

Symbols and traditions:

The depiction of Saint Lucia is often surrounded by light, indicating her importance as "the shining one." In many depictions she wears a crown with candles, symbolizing her enlightenment and the victory of light over darkness. This visual motif also has a strong influence on the traditions surrounding December 13th.

In Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, Saint Lucia's Day is celebrated with impressive festivities. A girl is dressed as Lucia, wearing a crown with candles, and leads a procession followed by singing children carrying candles. This custom brings light into the dark winter months and symbolizes hope and confidence.

Saint Lucia's Memorial Day:

December 13th, Saint Lucia's Day of Remembrance, is a festive occasion in many countries. Their story is told in church services and believers pray for light in their own lives. In addition, in some regions traditional dishes associated with this day are prepared, such as the Scandinavian Lucia bread or the Sicilian cuccìa.

Saint Lucia is a fascinating spiritual figure who inspires many people through her story and the customs associated with her. Her day of remembrance provides an opportunity to seek and celebrate the light in the midst of darkness. The various traditions associated with Saint Lucia give this day a special atmosphere and bring communities together. May the story of Saint Lucia continue to inspire and encourage people around the world.

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