The versions of the baroque nativity figures

You usually buy a wooden carved Christmas nativity scene once in your life, so nativity scenes and nativity figures have to fit perfectly in every respect, both the size of the figures as well as the design and size.

Sizes of the nativity figures:

The following sizes are available for our baroque nativity figures from the popular Mathias nativity scene:

  • 9 cm (the actual figure sizes are between 8.5 and 9.5 cm)
  • 11cm (approx. 10.5-11.5cm)
  • 13cm (approx. 12.5-13.5cm)
  • 15cm (approx. 14.5-15.5cm)

There are also nativity figures measuring 19 cm for the Mathias nativity scene, but these are currently no longer manufactured, which is why only individual motifs are available on request.

Other sizes:

For nativity figures from other series, other sizes are also available, such as 18 cm (Raffaelo nativity scene) or 10.5 cm (Kostner nativity scene).

If you are looking for specific series or sizes for your nativity figures, please contact us directly via our Contact form !

Versions & design of the nativity figures

The Baroque and Alpine nativity figures are available in the following versions:


Nativity figures made from natural maple wood, which darkens over time and develops a slight grain.

Double stained:

Nativity figures in different shades of brown, which are additionally covered with a protective wax layer.


In the most elaborate version, the nativity figures are hand-painted in detail by our painters.

The right nativity stable

In order to find the right one for the desired figure size Nativity stable To find the right size(s) for each of our crèche stables. This is based on realistic details, such as the door heights and the height of the inside of the nativity scene, since even if the scale is chosen to be slightly smaller, Saint Joseph, as a reference figure, of course always has to have space inside the nativity scene.

If you already have your own nativity stable or are planning to build one, it is also advisable to measure the respective reference points such as doors, the height of the stable, etc. in order to find the appropriate nativity figure size.

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