“Our vision is to create a space in the digital sphere for the centuries-old tradition of Val Gardena wood carving and to help it achieve a renaissance.”

Famous since the 17th century

Traditional wood carving for centuries

The wood carving industry in Val Gardena in South Tyrol has one
centuries-long tradition that dates back to the 17th century
can be traced back.

In the 18th century, in addition to altars and figures of saints, most of the high-quality wooden toys were carved in Val Gardena for the children of wealthy families in German-speaking countries.

From the 19th century onwards all over the world

From the end of the 19th century, several larger "publishing companies" were founded that exported wood carvings, especially sacred depictions, all over the world.

Nativity scenes and nativity figures in particular became increasingly popular. The wood carving manufacturing process includes sculptors, barrel painters and millers who design or refine the carvings using various manufacturing methods.

The ancestors of Raimund and Beniamino Grossrubatscher, from the famous Morod dynasty, were closely linked to the art of wood carving since the 16th century. As a wood dealer, altar carver
and barrel painters, they were able to build a reputation as far away as Rome and passed on the tradition in the family.


Family business from Val Gardena

In the mid-1980s, the Janmatie company, founded by Raimund Grossrubatscher, began marketing small hand-carved animals that were made at home, often by older carvers.

The popularity of these small wooden animals led the company to commission new animal models from the best sculptors in Val Gardena. The model range of wood-carved animals continued to develop.

In the following years, Raimund Grossrubatscher expanded the range to include traditional nativity figures, the Mathias nativity scene, as well as numerous different angels that were designed by students from the well-known Val Gardena workshops of Kostner, Moroder and Perathoner. This was followed by participation. international trade fairs, for example in Milan, Madrid, Wiesbaden or Frankfurt.

2014 - present

Tradition meets modernity

In 2014, the business economist and entrepreneur Beniamino Grossrubatscher, Raimund Grossrubatscher's nephew, decided to create the original
Val Gardena wood carvings of the family business in Vienna and expanded sales online and by operating an Advent market stall on Spittelberg.

The carvings of the Janmatie company can be found at numerous Advent markets in Central Europe, as well as in Vienna at the Christmas market on Spittelberg ,
where we are represented with a selection of our most beautiful Christmas wood carvings, including traditional nativity scenes and nativity figures, as well as loving wood-carved gift items.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Janmatie Moroder and his brother were active in the trade in wood carvings from Val Gardena. We have now taken up this family tradition and since 2022 Beniamino's brother, Camillo Grossrubatscher, has also been a partner and shareholder in the Val Gardena wood carving company Gebr. Grossrubatscher.

More than Christmas nativity scenes and figures of saints – new ways of carving

Managing director Beniamino Grossrubatscher lives out his passion for Val Gardena wood carvings, especially Christmas nativity scenes and hand-carved commissioned works, through personal and individual customer care and the establishment of social media
Pages and the development of special models.

In 2016, for example, a limited series of wood-carved bodybuilder models was produced, based on Arnold Schwarzenegger. Our range is now the largest in all of Austria. Since 2018, all carvings and individual orders can be ordered online and via Whatsapp.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Janmatie Moroder and his brother were active in the trade in wood carvings from Val Gardena. His descendants, Beniamino and Camillo Grossrubatscher, have now made it their vision to take up this family tradition and lead it into the future.

A company introduces itself

A company introduces itself

“Our wood carvings are traditionally artfully crafted in regional Val Gardena companies and shipped all over Europe.

We are proud that our family business is making a contribution to preserving the centuries-old craftsmanship of Val Gardena.''


Beniamino & Camillo Grossrubatscher

Owner & Managing Director