The most frequently asked questions about nativity scenes and nativity figures – Part 2

The fascination of Christmas nativity scenes has many facets and in our years of work, questions have often arisen about the nativity scenes, to which we would now like to give our answers in this series of articles.

Can you combine the figures from different nativity series?

There are several different series of figures for the Val Gardena nativity figures, such as: Mathias crib or the oriental one Raffaelo nativity scene , some of which are quite similar in style. For example, you can combine different figures from Alpine/traditional nativity series as long as the size fits the scale. However, there are also very uniquely designed nativity figure series that are very coordinated with each other, where it is advisable to only add the figures from this series. On request you can also order figures from specific series of nativity figures. The Animals However, they can practically always be combined (as long as the style fits) or, if you have "collected" a line of figures, you can also combine other animals from another series.

How do I determine the appropriate size of my nativity figures?

Wooden carved nativity figures are generally available in almost every size, but there are some common standard sizes, e.g. "9s", "10s", etc. The scale for the appropriate figures is usually Saint Joseph, whose height is measured from head to toe . However, since human body size varies, there are slight differences even within the same size of nativity figures. However, we give the height of Saint Joseph as a reference for both humans and animals. So the size fits in scale, even if you have figures from a different series. However, for certain animals, such as elephants or camels, it is advisable to go one or two sizes higher, as these animals are naturally significantly larger than humans. You are also welcome to contact us directly to contact .

Can modern and traditional nativity figures be combined?

The individual composition of the nativity figures is of course a matter of taste. Basically, we recommend that the style of the respective figures should match, but of course there are no limits to the imagination and modern nativity figures can also complement a traditional ensemble well, in particular, of course, wood-carved animals in the traditional style can also be combined to form modern nativity figures vice versa.

You can find more information about our nativity scenes and nativity figures in a separate section on our website:

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