Lovely sceneries – wooden carved Christmas nativity scenes from Val Gardena, furnished with attention to detail

As friends of the artfully crafted Val Gardena nativity figures, we also look forward to the special moment every year when we can set up and furnish our Christmas nativity scene. Due to our passion for Val Gardena craftsmanship, we pay particular attention to details in our wood-carved nativity scene, such as the posture of the nativity figures and nativity animals or suitable places for figures in our Nativity stables .

We would now like to share these loving furnishing options for the Christmas nativity scene stables with all friends of Val Gardena nativity scene art.

Detailed posture of the nativity figures and nativity animals

Because each of our nativity figures, even wood carved ones Nativity animals such as sheep, goats or elephants and camels, have a special and realistic posture, they can be positioned in very specific places in the nativity scene stable.

That's how he could Listening Shepherd Watch the Holy Family from the right side of the stable Looking Shepherd can look around the left corner of the stable with his sheep in his hand. In the meantime, the Kneeling Shepherd the Holy Family his gifts. Completely dazzled by the Gloria angel, which can be attached to the upper beam of the nativity scene stable thanks to the eyelet with a small nail, it holds Lying Shepherd with Sheep his hand in front of his face. Meanwhile, the moss on the stable floor invites herds of sheep and goats to graze.

Refined positions in crib stables

Our elaborate farmer's nativity stables and farms are particularly rich in detail with wooden stairs, manger and in some cases even a small balcony. For example, a pigeon could land on the staircase or a wood-carved cat could be taking a well-deserved rest break. The popular “ climbing goat ,” on the other hand, climbs up the manger to get to the straw. Balconies offer a nice place for nativity figures from which they can observe the entire nativity scene.

Other beautiful details include small windows or even rooms where an electric candle can beautifully illuminate the crib.

Lovingly and realistically designed nativity accessories

Our nativity accessories manage to make your Val Gardena nativity scene an even livelier place.

A variety of illuminated fireplaces with campfires and even a tin kettle can illuminate the nativity scene. Before that, the “ shepherd at the campfire ” can heat the fire with a stack of wood in his hand. But we also offer accessories for your wood-carved nativity animals. Sheep or goats can drink from small wells and eat some straw from a lovingly handmade manger.

Their nativity scenes are made even more lively by small, handmade tools, such as an ax or a rake, which look good leaning against the wall of the house or even against a pile of wood.

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