My nativity scene part 1: Paul's nativity scene with dachshund Toni

South Tyrolean-born Paul, who has been living in Vienna for a long time, tells us about the history of his family nativity scene and which special nativity figure finally found its way into the nativity scene this year.

The family nativity scene, expanded with numerous nativity figures.

For many years, Paul's parents had a carved nativity scene in South Tyrol with nativity figures from Val Gardena. The Holy Family, ox and donkey, as well as kings and a shepherd formed a harmonious ensemble. A few years ago, Paul discovered our online shop and was thrilled by the variety, especially the “animal” nativity figures, and decided to expand the nativity scene. In the following years, elephants, camels, cats, chickens, goats and sheep were added, as well as rabbits and a turtle and a few other shepherds.

Paul artfully expanded the nativity scene house, which had now become too small for the large group of nativity figures with roots, twigs and moss through which the shepherds now walk to the nativity scene. But a central figure was still missing from Paul's nativity scene...

“Say Beniamino, do you actually have a dachshund too?”

After cats and a dromedary came into the nativity scene this year, Paul realized that a very central (nativity scene) figure was still missing: his parents' dachshund Toni. But here too, Paul found what he was looking for and a suitable, natural Toni found his way into the manger and welcomes the shepherds in front of the manger.

Toni is very happy about his wooden carved image as a nativity scene...

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