My Nativity Scene Part 3: The self-built Grossrubatsch family nativity scene

Due to the close connection to the Val Gardena wood carving industry, the Grossrubatscher family has a number of very old and hand-carved nativity scenes in their collection. We would like to introduce you to a very special one in this blog article.

The first version of the Mathias nativity figures

Over 30 years ago, our father Ulrich Grossrubatscher put together his nativity ensemble from the "Mathias" nativity scene, which had been newly created by his brother Raimund and a young sculptor. The first version of the popular Mathias nativity figures were still made with a base and, depending on the model, differed significantly from the "new" models of the Matthias nativity scene.

For a few years, a small, simple nativity scene that Beniamino had made in kindergarten housed the Holy Family. A few years later, however, we decided to build a nativity scene together.

A root crib with special details

Our father Ulrich was always fascinated by root cribs - according to tradition, it is very likely that in ancient Bethlehem the numerous caves in the area were used as stables, which means that a cave, for example made of roots, is a historically accurate representation of the biblical scene. Ulrich Grossrubatscher went to the Pötzleinsdorfer castle park with Beniamino and collected a large curved root, stones and pieces of bark which were then assembled into a cave. The floor was covered with moss.

The stalk of a fresh pineapple was attached to a wooden stick to form a palm tree. This "palm tree" has to be replaced every year, but it is a nice detail. And of course the comet star on the roof of the nativity scene is a must.

Our traditional family nativity scene, which is always joined by the Three Wise Men on January 6th (here two of the kings also correspond to the "new" model of nativity figures), remains otherwise without extensions and still stands under our Christmas tree every year.

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